Marilisa Pizzorno was born in Brescia, a city near Milan. Her mother was a portrait painter, her father was an engineer. The family moves first to Torino, than to Milano. She begins to draw, paint and model in clay in her teens, while studying foreign languages with long stays in Switzerland and England. In 1967, after being married, she settles in Mestre, Venice.
In 1970 Pizzorno opens her first one-person exhibition in Venice (at that time only drawings) introduced by the poet Diego Valeri. Very many one-person and group-exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, are held in the following years and obtain remarkable appreciations by art critics and collectors. A basically self taught artist as concerns oil-painting, drawing and sculpture she attends summer classes of etching at the Institute of Art in Urbino, Italy, in 1971 and 1972 (with Renato Bruscaglia) and the Kokoschka Academy of Arts in Salzburg, Austria, in 1976 and 1977 (with Otto Eglau and Friederich Meckseper). In 1972 again a move: to Monza, Milano During these years numerous travels to foreign countries stimulate and enrich her creativeness (Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, France, Japan, Yugoslavia, Rumenia).
In 1980 she fits out a new studio in Milan and works there. After her man’s loss in 1988 she moves to Milan to live there. In 1986 the art critic Giorgio Seveso points out her work in the Bolaffi Art Catalogue of contemporary painting. In 1995-1996 she is invited by the Griffis Foundation in New London, CT, USA, to work there as an artist in residence. Since 2005 she lives and works in Rome (Sacrofano).